Until what age can a baby sleep in the nest for newbors?

The nest is recommended for babies from the day of their birth up to six months. The nest is 71cm long, so it is better to use it according to baby’s length. Tiny babies may sleep in the nest longer (to 7 or 8 months), and bigger babies might grow out of the nest sooner.

Where can I find instructions for using the nest for newborns?

The instructions may be found here. It can also be found in the bag of each of our nests.

The instructions describe the best position of a baby in the nest. Moreover, our YouTube channel provides video instructions.

Can I wash ‘Spavalica’ nest?

The nest’s foundation must not be washed. Also, the foundation should not be soaked in water or left in the vicinity of heating devices. Try avoiding sudden temperature changes.

Can the nest be reused after several years?

The warranty period for ‘Spavalica’ nest is 5 years. Therefore, it may be reused more than once.

There is an inward curve in the nest, what should I do?

The nest’s foundation originally has an 8cm deep inward curve. It may not deepen even further as it is made of high quality Polyurethane foam. Most likely, your child has grown up and his/her diapers are saggy.

What is ‘Spavalica’ nest made of?

Our nest is made of elastic Polyurethane foam. This is a durable and safe material that does not cause allergies.

How long can a baby sleep in the nest for newbors?

Sleeping hours in ‘Spavalica’ are not limited. A baby may sleep in the nest bot during the day and over night. Details on this should be discussed with a paediatrician.

Can a baby sleep in ‘Spavalica’ nest during the night?

Sleeping in the nest over night is safe if you use the nest strictly in line with the instructions.

Is the nest safe in case of vomiting? Can a child be left out of breath of choke?

This is impossible as the child’s head is slightly lifted, not allowing the child to lose breath or choke. Before using the nest, please read the instructions.


How does ‘Spavalica’ sleeping nest foster such a deep sleep? 

The feeling of peace and tranquillity, in a space that reminds a baby of a mother’s womb.

Thanks to the curves of the ergonomic nest, your baby lies in a semi-foetal position that helps her feel comfort and fosters deep sleep. Contact that baby’s shoulders and arms make with the edges of the cocoon nest limits the Moro Reflex (startle reflex and involuntary jerky movements), preventing unnecessary disturbance of your baby’s natural sleeping cycle.

Combination of the supporting and reactive foam enables baby’s free and safe movements (unlike with the memory foam).

The freedom of head’s movement reduces the risk of plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).

Cosy position of the body in a line - especially the head, hips and shoulders.

A lightly inclined position of the cocoon nest helps prevent and mitigate the symptoms of gastric reflux and heartburn, while the position of hips and knees is ideal for baby’s physical development.

When a baby is awake, this slightly inclined position also fosters interactions between you and your baby as their eyes are not directed to the ceiling.

The ergonomic design develops with the baby’s growth.

The belt on this cocoon nest can be moved and simply and easily adjusted to your baby’s growth, and it can be removed later when no longer needed.

Perfectly hygienic mattress.

‘Spavalica’ nest is protected with two washable, air permeable fitted sheets that may be taken off: a waterproof protective fitted sheet and an adjusted cotton fitted sheet.

‘Spavalica’ nest will adjust to your baby during her sleep, both during the nocturnal sleep and during naps, at home and while travelling, ensuring an ideal environment for a sound sleep and an optimal physical development.



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