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Parent across the world have discovered advantages of the anatomic nest and use it for their newborns. Due to its anatomic shape, ‘Spavalica’ nest helps babies adapt smoothly to the new world and ensures peaceful and sound sleep for them.

The basic product, ‘Spavalica’ nest, also includes the following accessories:

  • waterproof fitted sheet
  • two fixed-in fitted sheets
  • cosy tummy band with a soft hook-and-loop fastener
  • two rollers of different sizes as a support to legs
  • a cosy bag for carrying the nest and keeping it.

‘Spavalica’ Anatomic Nest has undergone all the necessary clinical product safety tests and acquired all the quality certificates, which makes this anatomic nest perfectly safe for use. It is important to mention that ‘Spavalica” is patented product whose mattress is made of Polyurethane foam of high density.

The nest for newborns is the best choice of each parent. Quality, reliability, comfort and safety are features attributed to ‘Spavalica’ anatomic nest. All the materials used for producing the nest for newborns are hypoallergenic, and special hook-and-loop fasteners for fastening your baby in a cradle are soft and leave no marks on your child’s clothes.

‘Spavalica’ sleeping nest provides comfort and safety for both parents and their baby. The cocoon of ‘Spavalica’ nest is equipped with special rollers that can adjust to the child’s weight and height to make the baby feel more cosy and pleasant. Such a position helps alleviate abdominal pain caused by tummy cramping in babies, and the semi-fetal position and limited space for movement will soothe the baby and enable a sound sleep.

‘Spavalica’ anatomic nest is made up of high quality and certified materials. Parents always choose cradles for their babies carefully. This is why we took care of every single detail to make the nest comfortable and safe for baby, and at the same time practical for parents. The nest’s sheet is made up of 100% natural cotton.

Where and how can I use the nest for my baby?

You may use ‘Spavalica’ anatomic nest any time, any place and in every situation it suits you. We recommend using ‘Spavalica’ primarily in a baby’s crib so that a child would get used to the sleeping place and in future feel comfortable, cosy and safe in his crib. Thanks to the package of the nest, it is suitable for carrying along when you travel or visit friends. The bag handle can be fitted and adjusted to your height, which makes it practical for carrying.

As the nest is intended for new-borns ‘Spavalica’ as an anatomic product that follows baby’s body development and growth, creating the most comfortable and safe conditions for a child’s development.


  • The foundation of the anatomic nest is made up of elastic Polyurethane foam
  • Two fitted sheets that can be taken off – compact and knitwear
  • Waterproof fitted sheet with a zipper
  • Rollers that adjust to baby’s weight
  • Noiseless hook-and-loop fasteners that leave no marks on clothes
  • Cosy bag with an adjustable handle

Materials used

BIO-latex is an elastic Polyurethane foam of high density (PPU) and it is used for making ‘Spavalica’. The material has an ability to conform to the body, thus increasing the level of comfort and affects a child’s wellbeing. The material consists of many air bubbles ensuring air permeability. Parents simply wish to hug and cuddle their baby 24/7, but they also need some rest and some time for themselves and meeting other obligations. The anatomic nest for the baby will leave your hands free and the child will feel cosy in it as if in your arms.

All your child needs

‘Spavalica’ anatomic nest is a cosy mattress where a baby can sleep, play and communicate with parents, and due to the position in which he lies, he/she finds it easier to keep an eye contact. You may put the nest in a crib, on an armchair or on a bad – you baby will be equally cosy and safe. Having such a nest, you do not need the typical cradle – feel free to use the nest for both making the baby sleep and for sleeping, up to 5-6 months of age. The ‘Spavalica’ nest set comes with many useful accessories:

  • Cotton fitted-sheet
  • Waterproof, air permeable membrane, that allows the air to flow but keeps the moisture away.
  • Compact, integral cotton filled synthepone quilted cover
  • Soft, adjustable tummy band with a ‘silent’ hook-and-loop fastener
  • Two rollers of different sizes providing support under baby’s legs
  • A bag with a zipper for keeping the nest and transporting it

Perfect safety

‘Spavalica’ nest for newborns is made of hypoallergenic BIOlatex. Light and elastic, highly breathable and dust-proof. Its density enables a child to adjust to the new environment after 9 months of ‘bathing’ in amniotic fluid. This is particularly necessary for premature babies and those whose who had difficult birth. Materials that Spavalica’s cover and accessories are made of are fully natural, hygienic and harmless for children in their first months of life. They ensure sound sleep and do not cause discomfort in heat. Lying on such a mattress helps relieve anxiety in children, and the soft and physical support to the body helps avoid a positional skull deformity. “Spavalica’ is very practical in case a baby has tummy cramping or often vomits. A roller under legs ensures that a baby lies in a position similar to the foetalposition. This ensures that the food from stomach does not enter oesophagus and reduces gas problems.


  • Suitable for babies from 2.8kgs and more
  • It may be used until the child starts rolling over or changing position in the nest (about 6 months old).
  • Stop using it when the baby becomes about 6 months old.
  • It may be used in a crib or cradle, making sure the crib’s railing is at least 39cm high (at least 20cm above the nest).
  • If used outside a crib or cradle, it needs to be put on the ground and never on a lifted surface.
  • Baby must always be positioned on its back.
  • Do not cover a baby with a blanket while in the nest. For security reasons, a baby should not sleep with a cover over the head or face.




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