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  • Anatomic foundation.
  • A child feels comfortable, as in mom’s womb.
  • A child sleeps soundly and peacefully in the nest.
  • The proper position of the child’s body on the back prevents blood stasis.
  • Prevents tummy cramping in first months of a baby’s life.
  • Stimulates proper development of your child’s vertebral column (spine).
  • Relieves anxiety in a baby.
  • Contributes to a faster development of visual motor skills.
  • Additional accessories included.
  • Chosen by over 20.000 moms.

Many moms often use an orthopaedic nest for their newborns. ‘Spavalica’ anatomic nest will become an excellent mom’s assistant in first months of her baby’s life. Ensure a cosy and safe nest for your baby’s sound sleep.

Structure of ‘Spavalica’ anatomic nest

  • The foundation is an anatomic mattress made of elastic hypoallergenic Polyurethane foam. It gently supports a baby’s best position. The mattress has an 8.5cm deep inward curve
  • The foundation is protected by a waterproof cover that can be removed. A roller is attached to it with a hook-and-loop fastener that provides support to baby’s legs. The set includes rollers in two sizes. More information on their usage can be found in the manual.
  • The set includes 2 replaceable fitted sheets made of 100% cotton. While one of them is being washed, the child will still be able to sleep in his/her nest.
  • There is also a tummy band with hook-and-loop fastener to additionally fit the baby in the nest.

The nest’s limited space soothes the baby and improves his/her sleep. It makes your child feel as if in mom’s tummy - completely safe.

The anatomic nest is intended for newborns, aged 0 to 6 months (until they start rolling over), weighing 2.5kg and more.

‘Spavalica’ anatomic nest has undergone all the necessary clinical product safety tests and acquired quality certificates.

The Polyurethane foam is a durable, long lasting material, unlike foam rubbers used for making other mattresses and pillows for babies. Glue is not used for making Polyurethane foam products. PUP is safe and does not cause allergy.

Why is ‘Spavalica’ nest useful?

‘Spavalica’ anatomic nest provides comfort and cosiness for your baby.

  • The nest makes a baby feel as if in mom’s arms: safe, pleasant and cosy. This is why it reduces involuntary jerky movements, making a baby sleep soundly.
  • This ergonomic nest helps avoiding various types of head deformities.
  • While awake, a baby can observe and perceive the world around him/her by actively moving his/her arms and legs.
  • Moms have noticed that the anatomic nest helps babies who vomit and have tummy cramps.
  • ‘Spavalica’ nest is very light: you can carry it with you to your kitchen or bathroom, to always have an eye on your baby.

For all the above, some maternity hospitals and maternity wards in primary healthcare centres in EU Member States have equipped with the anatomic nest for the past ten years.

Additional information

Weight 2.94 kg


  • Size – 70*42*20 cm.
  • The foundation is made of Polyurethane foam.
  • Covers are made of cotton.

‘Spavalica’ anatomic nest equipment


  • The foundation of the anatomic nest is made of elastic Polyurethane foam
  • Two fitted sheets that can be taken off – compact and knitwear
  • Waterproof fitted sheet with a zipper
  • Rollers that adjust to baby’s weight
  • Noiseless hook-and-loop fasteners that leave no marks on clothes
  • Cosy bag with an adjustable handle


Until what age can a baby sleep in the nest for newbors?

The nest is recommended for babies from the day of their birth up to six months. The nest is 71cm long, so it is better to use it according to baby’s length. Tiny babies may sleep in the nest longer (to 7 or 8 months), and bigger babies might grow out of the nest sooner.

Where can I find instructions for using the nest for newborns?

The instructions may be found here. It can also be found in the bag of each of our nests. The instructions describe the best position of a baby in the nest. Moreover, our YouTube channel provides video instructions.

Can I wash ‘Spavalica’ nest?

The nest’s foundation must not be washed. Also, the foundation should not be soaked in water
or left in the vicinity of heating devices. Try avoiding sudden temperature changes.

How to wash fitted sheets for ‘Spavalica’ anatomic nest?

We recommend washing the fitted sheets when they get dirty, at a washing machine programme for delicate items, at 30°C.

Can the nest be reused after several years?

The warranty period for ‘Spavalica’ nest is 5 years. Therefore, it may be reused more than once.

There is an inward curve in the nest, what should I do?

The nest’s foundation originally has an 8cm deep inward curve. It may not deepen even further as it is made of high quality Polyurethane foam. Most likely, your child has grown up and his/her diapers are saggy.

What is ‘Spavalica’ nest made of?

Our nest is made of elastic Polyurethane foam. This is a durable and safe material that does not cause allergies.

How long can a baby sleep in the nest for newbors?

Sleeping hours in ‘Spavalica’ are not limited. A baby may sleep in the nest bot during the day and over night. Details on this should be discussed with a paediatrician.

Can a baby sleep in ‘Spavalica’ nest during the night?

Sleeping in the nest over night is safe if you use the nest strictly in line with the instructions.

Is the nest safe in case of vomiting? Can a child be left out of breath of choke?

This is impossible as the child’s head is slightly lifted, not allowing the child to lose breath or choke. Before using the nest, please read the instructions.